TX-L42DT65B Panasonic’s Model With 3D

Led tv 6If you want a 3D TV, at the same time you are looking for smart TV features, then TX-L42DT65B is the Panasonic’s new TV in 2013 lineup. It’s a handsome looking model with its slim look and versatile features. There are other available options in sizes which you can check in online stores. Here I have reviewed the 42 inch TX-L42DT65B Panasonic’s Model.

User interface and guide to other features

LG and Samsung and Sony are few other smart TVs producers and competitors of Panasonic for a couple of years now, but the advantages of Panasonic TV are worth mentioning that helps the brand to stand out in the crowd. The top class picture and sound quality with easily adjustable menus are very crucial. It is swift and simple to get at the controls when you fiddle with them to set the sounds and the picture according to your requirements. It has a backlight scanning, other highlighted settings as well such as the MY home screen. This app is designed to provide you a platform to custom your home screen. You can also find IPS LED panel which provides out of the box picture quality with ultimate brightness. Some of the available options in the picture mode are dynamic, normal, cinema, true cinema, custom and professional. These options bestows user a chance to select the one that fits his taste. Each of these options is different and provides different features.

Led tv 7The other user friendly aspects and features are that you can check on the other programs without missing the one that you are presently seeing. When it comes to the Panasonic app strore you can find many useful apps which make it complete! They are the Facebook, You tube Twitter, Skype and other social networking channels as well such as iConcerts, iPlayer, Netflix, and Acetrax. Besides the media player and the USB drives supports formats of different kinds.  AVI, MKV, WMV and MP4 for video are few of the formats that it supports. You can choose the normal option for watching programs in the day light and you can choose true cinema and cinema option which is best for dimmed lights. You can check out the differences for yourself.

Some of the other features are its picture sharpness, super clear resolution with a different type of panel. It is one of the Energy Efficiency Class A model and also consist of swipe and share option, which enables you to watch your photos from your Smartphone to that in TV without using any cables. Doesn’t it sound interesting! The 42 inch model is quite good enough in size and it’s a great idea to buy one as it works well in practice!